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M DZYN set out to create well-designed fashionable clothing that appeals to a broad market.

Having established a strong core clothing business through unique design and a true sense of style the company has over recent years expanded its portfolio into exciting new areas, including men's and women's hats and jackets. Driven by innovation and change, the brand's strength lies in balancing new and exciting ideas with the basic promise of quality and affordability, established when the company was founded. Throughout this expansion and diversification the principles have remained the same; design-led products presented in a unique and innovative way.

Brand Identity
We have developed a brand identity, which is sexy, stylish and has attitude.
"DZYN your Lifestyle"

The whole business is born of a desire to be original, distinctive and accessible. Whether M DZYN has shocked or amused, it certainly made you think. Bold, witty and intelligent, it demonstrates how MDZYN Company has given personality to its brand, a rare achievement on today's crowded high street.

Brand Advertising
Our campaigns have given the brand great exposure causing debate and exposure in the press. The adverts always aim to disrupt the normal formula of fashion advertising and leave the interpretation up to the individual. We never fail to keep the brand exciting and original, pushing boundaries and always making a statement.

The key to M DZYN success continues to be the combination of exceptional clothes at the forefront of design, affordable prices, clever merchandising and sound business practice.

With the evolution of the brand continuing we aim to create a real fashion destination by talking to the opinion formers with real fashion authority. Our advertising will continue to be innovative and creative; however the focus has shifted onto the clothes themselves, to enable us to create a distinctive look which is uniquely M DZYN.

Going forward we will present M DZYN as a credible and focused fashion brand that speaks through its product. It is a brand that celebrates personal style without the gimmicks.

In the non-stop world of fashion it takes dynamism and intuition to keep moving forward in the industry. We are constantly developing our products, our market and our vision, to continue the growth of our present and future success.

Brand Marketing Communications
To stand out from the crowd both the advertising creative and media choices are increasingly important.

Powerful brand building advertising combines strong, innovative creative with a mix of conventional media, such as social media and billboards with high impact non-conventional media such as flyers, radio stations and more recently posters.

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